Willow Herb Glandular Willow Herb

Epilobium glandulosum

Lehm. (= E. ciliatum Raf. ssp. glandulosum (Lehm.) Hoch and Raven

The stems are leafy, mostly simple but sometimes branching near the top, variable in height from 6" to 36" tall. The leaves are up to 4" long and 1 4" wide, broadly lanceolate, finely toothed, often reddish or red edged. The leaves are mostly sessile; the upper leaves may have short stems. The flowers are small and held above the thin ovaries, mostly bunched at the top of the plant, but also sometimes in the axils of the lower leaves. The flowers are bright pink to lilac purple, often somewhat closed, the petals usually less than W" long. The ovaries are reddish and up to 2 4" long.

This willow herb is common in both grassy fields and damp meadows, and often grows among fireweed (E. augustifolium), putchki (Heracleum lanatum), and artemisia (Artemisia spp.).


Eastern Asia, throughout the Aleutians Pacific coast of Alaska, Pacific Northwest.

seed capsules opening /pi.)

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