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irkiQ cornea, Spring Heath

Eucotnmia ulnwiiies

Hardy Rubber Tree

A moil unusual tree because of the high latex content in the Leaves and stems; strands of latex are evident when a leaf is torn apart. A rounded to broad-spreading tree of rather uniform outline at maturity. The 3- to 6-in.-long, lustrous dark green leaves do not color in fail. Tolerant of a wide range of soils and pH. At one time considered a possibility ftJT street and urban use, but ihis tree never jumped the hurdle. Nice for lawns, parks, golf courses, or commercial grounds. Grows 44) to 60 ft. high and wide. Zones -1 to 7. Chill*, irkiQ cornea, Spring Heath

Erica carnea Spring Heath

The heaths are a most difficult group to discu« since some MK) species are known, and most of these are not cold hardy Spring Heath makes a fine evergreen groundcover in well-drained, acid soils and a sunny exposure. The Vj-in.-long, lustrous green, needlcliki: t eaves provide a delicate texture. Urn-shaped, IVin.-iong flowers, which appear from January through March, are constricted at the end oi the lobe. The principal flower colors are white to rose-pink to rose-fuchsia. Remove spent inflorescences. Plant in sandy, add, Loamy soils. Does not appear as sensitive to high pH soils a* other eticaceous genera. Lovely for coIot tn the winter garden, iirows I it high, variable spread. Zone 5 to 7. Europe.

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Euonymus alatus

Winged Euonymus

Truly one of the great aesthetic and functional shrubs available for American gardens. Too often, it Is pruned into oblivion; an open-grown specimen is much more appealing and retains an aura or elegance. The medium green, 1- to i-im-long leaves, finely and sharply serrated, become fluorescent pinkish red to vibrant red In falL Coloration is as Intense and cnnsistent as that provided by any shrub. Flowers are a rather insignificant greenish yellow Fruit are reddish with an orange-red seed The large, corky wings are arranged at 90* separations around the stem. The wings range from Va to '/z in, wide, and Li plants are severely pruned, the wings un the new growth extensions may average V* in. or greater Easily transplanted and culturally adaptable Develops premature tall color if summer or early-(liII drought occurs Great plant for massing or grouping. Ideally do not prune. I have observed tree-form specimens in Ntvi F.ngland and (he Midwest, Glows 15 to 20 ft, high and wide. Zones A to 8. Northeastern Asia to central China,

Cultivars and Varieties. 'Com-partus' lacks the prominent corky wings of the species. It is used foi hedging, grouping, or massing, Beautiful red fall coloc (irows S to to ft, high and wide.

'Rudy Haag1 is more compact than 'Compacts', growing about 5 ft. high and wide in 15 years. The fall color is more pinkish red.

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fuonyrm/ï iïtorui 'Compartm in fall

iuonymui okihi\ winlrr jterm

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