Viburnum dentatum

Arrowwood Viburnum

In any landscape, Arrowwood Viburnum feels as comfortable as an old shoe- 11 has a durable nature and offers glossy dark green leases, white flowers, and bluish fruit. It becomes a large, rounded shrub with spreading, finally arching branches. I be lustrous dark green, 2- to 4V>in.-long leaves may turn ye]low to red jn fall. The white flowers are luirne in 2- to 4-in.-dia meter, flat topped cymes in May and June. The bluish to blue-black fruit mature In September and Octobcr and are a favorite food of birds, and plants can be stripped In short order. Valued for its durability and utility, it makes a good hedge or screen and is useful in groupings, masses, and barriers. Displays excellent salt tolerance and is evident in New England coastal areas. Variable in si/e, Grows h to 8 (to IS) ft. high, 6 to IS ft, wide. Zones 2 to 8. New Krunswlck to Minnesota, south to Georgia,

Viburnum cartel*, Koreansptce Viburnum

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Viburnum opuhii flowers

Viburnum oputus

European Cranberry bush Viburnum

An old favorite that is at home from largo, North Dakota, to Boston. Massachusetts, fi is a large, coarse, rounded shrub that is quite imposing in the winter Landscape, In leafr however, it is significantly less intense. The three-lobed, maplelike leas es average 2 to 4 in. long and wide. The lustrous dark green leases may develop yellow-red to purplish red autumn tints. Flowers occur in 2- to l-uo 4-i in,-diameter, flat-topped cymes. I he outer flowers are white and showy, the Inner ones fertile and rather inconspicuous, and the Lnt J re effect is pimvheeMike. The lA* to in. -diameter fruii change from yellow to bright red and give the plant its common name-Fruit may persist into winter but will develop the appearance of dried raisins. Excellent shrub for fruit effect. Always use in borders, Tolerates wet or boggy areas better than many plants. Grows fi to 12 Uo I Si ft. high and wide. Zones 3 to 7ifctK Europe, northern Airica, northern Asia

Cultlvars and Varieties, 'Compacium" matures to about half the size of the species and offers similar tlowers and fruit, Good choice where space is a problem,

"NaimnV Is j dwarf form with fine branches and smaller leaves. This form usually does not tlower or fruit. Grows iVz to 2 ft, high, 2 to 3 ft. wide; I have observed 4- to S-ft.-high plants.

'Roseum* European Snowball or Guilder-Rose, has the same growth characteristics as the species, except its flowers are sterile and occur in 2'/:- to 3-in.-diameter, white, snowball shaped Inflorescences.

Viburnum /imago ilowefs

Viburnum ientogo fruit

Viburnum opuhii flowers

Viburnum oputui fruit Viburnum opuluy European CranbeiTytJush Viburnum

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