Trumpet Honeysuckle

Trumpet Honeysuckle is one of our most common native twining vines. The species Is found In shady woods all over its native range. In full %unr it develops into a dense-folia god vine. The t- to 4-im-long, blue-green leaves serve as a great background lor the narrow, trumpet-shaped, 1to 2~m.-iong, orange-red to red flowers, which occur in terminal panicles during May and June and have no fragrance. The ta-ln.-diameter, red berries rl|ien in September to November. Prefers moist, well-drained, acid to near neutrat soils. Leaf drop caused by the Psewkwwnas bacterium results in a I esi>-than-satisfactory appearance toward the end of summer. The leaves abscise, but this does no permanent damage. Aphids occur on succulent new growth, Utilize on fences, trellises, dram spouts, rock piles, or even as a grourulcover Grows 10 to 20 ft. high.

Zones 4 to 9. Connecticut to Florida, west to Nebraska and Texas,

Several other species of climbing European honeysuckles are available. Umktracaprifollumt Italian Honeysuckle, has fragrant, 1 to 2-in.-long, yellowish whitt flowers tinged with purple, and orange-red fruit. It has disklike leaves subtending the flower. Similar to and often confused with /.. caprifbtium is L perictymerium, Woodbine Honeysuckle Its 1'/:- to 2-in,-long, fragrant flowers art typically yellowish white with a purple tinge, but it lacks the disklike leaf found on the previous species. It bears red fruit, I he most spectacular flowering honeysuckle is xtellmanniana, fell ma rm Honeysuckle. It has almost fluorescent yellow-orange flowers that are blushed with red in the hud stage, Eat h flower average* 2 in. long and 1 in, across at the mouth of the corolla. All these species can he used in the landscape like L stmpttvittm, Trumpet Honeysuckle, They are adaptable from Zones .S to 7|8|.

t ultlvan and Varieties. 'Sulphurea* is a beautiful yellow-llowered form of Umkera sempewitem that produces a shower ot flowers and bright green foliage,

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