Taxodium ascendens T distichum var nutans

Pond Cypress

TaxonomicaJJy this s^tes has been juggled over the years; Hvrtui Third (New York: Macmillan, 1976) plants it js a variety of Taxodiuttt distichutn* From a landscape standpoint, it is mort3 columnar than 71 disiUhum, Secondary branches originate at right angies to the central leader, and the soft, appresved, rich green needles produce a foliage effect similar to that of CryjHotneriu or juniper. Uses are similar to that of T. dtirhhum. Grows 70 to 80 ft. high, 15 to 20 ft. wide. Zones (5)6 to 9, Virginia to Florida and Alabama,

Taxodium ascendeny Pond Cypres

Jama ri* ramcnittima fall colof

Tçiodtum oxendem fall color

Ttixodtum dtsttchum. Common BjIdcypresi listtcVtwm of the

*witsi«w|p ^ rownin j fttoi^v«^^ pttj-oto^ai bark j « i tetwXvW^plantt vrtAh some difficulty j^a rge taptoOV, use container-grown plants or ^^¿f ^url^pped plants» found in swamps and 1 a its native range, this species per il1*^ s * n dricr soils and is adaptable to a variety rii^ ^ «crept high pH, which causes chlorosis litff7' ^tfHerally develop around trees that grow {jtfC^ ' use near water or in moist areas

Wi 11 prosper. Makes its greatest state-t* liT H reaves. Also good as a street tree. gf* 20 to 30 ft. wide; can grow to 100

^ to Delaware to Illinois, south to

>ssv blue-green foliage, it is resistant to

^Tcnt tree was 75 ft. high and 18 ft,

m diitichum ir> fall

Tanadium dtUtchum knees growing out of the water

Tojfodium ditftchum cones

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