Sweet gum

Thli lovely tree would be on every gardener's wish list were it not for the woody, spiny, capsular. 1- to I1/: in. diameter fruit, which abscise through fall and winter. Nevertheless, Sweet gum is still widely planted throughout the Fast, Midwest, and South for its excellent fall color. The star-shaped, five- to seven-lobed, 4- to 71/:-in.-diameter, lustrous dark green leaves turn gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple and persist late into fall. Decidedly pyramidal habit in youth, the tree develops an oblong to rounded crown at maturity. Lxcellent plant for moist soil areas along streams and watercourses; it also performs well In drier soils. Can develop chlorosis in high pH soils. Grows 60 to 75 ft. high, 40 to 50 ft, wide. Zones 5 to 9, New York to Illinois, south to Florida, Texas, and Mexico,

Cultivmn and Varieties, frurgundy', Festival; and 'Palo Altor were selected in California for good fall color.

'Moraine' offers excellent glossy dark green foliage,, burgundy-red fall color and better cold hardiness.

Rotundllobar has rounded lobes and displays deep reddish purple to burgundy fall color. It is also fruitless.

'Varlegata' has leaves blotched and streaked with yellow.

Ujiiieto^iw ityrooffuo, Sweetqurn. in fall

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