Sorbaria sorbifolia

Ural Falsespuea

This Tat her obscure plan! offers a gorgeous display of creamy white ilowers on a suckering, mult i stemmed shrub. The 8- to l2*ln*-IOttg leaves are composed of 13 to 25 deep green leaflets, each 2 to 4 in. lonfl. New growth has a reddish tin^e before maturing. Flowers occur in -I- to 10-in.-long, fleecy terminal panicles in June and July. JHant in well-drained soils, in full «¡un. Appears to be a Rood choice for dry soils, especially where mass-type cover is required- One of the tirst shrubs to leaf out in spring. Can become somewhat invasive 3>ecause of its spreading, suckerlng nature. Grows 5 to 10 ft. high, wider at maturity. Zones 2 to 7. Northern Asia to japan.

Sorbaria iofbifoha new foliage

ferijtjnii orbivea. Tree fa^espirea

Sorbaria lorbifolta f towers

Sorbus, Mounts in ash

In general, rnountaittashes art tnriong the nm\t hcoutifttt tree\ for fruit effect, hid they tire beset witii \H)rer nmt conker problems, which limits their use in hostile environments. All spec ies discussed here prefer cool climates for best growth.

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