Sassafras albidum

Common Sassafras

If a third grader had to pick hut one tree to include in his or her leaf collection, this would he it. The leaves are entire, three-lobed, or mitten-shaped. The "mittens" come in left-and right-hand versions. The bright green foliage turns brltliant shades of yellow, orange, and red In autumn Neat to Nyssa sylvatica, Black Tupelo, this may be the best native tree for fall color The growth habit varies from pyramidal to highly irregular Many short, stoul, contorted branches spread to form a flat-lopped, irregular round-oblong head at maturity. The dark cinnamon to reddish brown bark is deeply ridged and furrowed. Yellow flowers appear in April before the leaves. Female plants produce Vi-in.-long, oblong, dark blue fruit. Unfortunately, Common Sassafras is almost impossible to transplant and must be moved as a small container-grown plant. Adaptable to varied soils with low pH. Great tree for naturalistic plantings. Grows 30 to 60 ft. high, 25 to 40 ft. wide, Zones 4 to H. Maine to Ontario and Michigan, south to Florida and Texas.

icriso/fUi o1t?)dumr Common Sassafras, in tall

Sanafrai aibtdum color

icriso/fUi o1t?)dumr Common Sassafras, in tall

Sauafrai aibtdum flowers

Schlzophragma hydrattgeoides

Japanese Hydrangea-Vine

In recent years, this species has achieved cult status, particularly the silvery leaved cultivarMoonlight' A true clinging vine, this species is similar to Hydrangea untmala subs p. petioloris* Climbing Hydrangea. Japanese Hydrangea-Vine offers lovely Lustrous dark green, 2- to 4-In.-long, coarsely serrated leaves and 8- to lO-in.-wide, llattish Inflorescences in June and July. One major difference between Japanese Hydrangea-Vine and Climbing Hydrangea is the shape of the sepals; the sepals ot the former are single and ovate; those of the latter are three to live parted. Uses and culture are similar to that of ft anmnala subs p. petiotaris. Grows to JO ft. Zones 5 to 7(H). Japan.

Culttvars and Varieties. 'Ruseum' has rich pink to rose-colored, showy sepals. When the color is fully developed, the effect is striking.

Scuiu/rai alhtdum truil

Schi/aphragma bydrangeoides forage

Schtiophrogmo hydrangeoides, Japanese Hydrangea-Vine

Sihiiopbrogma hydrongeoides Roseufn' flower?

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