Sarcococca hookerana

Himalayan Sarcococca, Sweetbox

A wonderful plant ior a shady environment, this shrub offers lustrous dark green evergreen foliage and small, cream-colored, sweetly fragrant flowers in March and April. The habit is variable; generally a mult ¡stemmed, suckering shrub. Fruit are l/>ln.-diameter, shiny black drupes, normally not produced in great quantities. Prefers organic, moist, well-drained soils, but 1 have observed it looking rather prosperous under severe water stress. Possibly more stress tolerant than it is generally given credit for Use in combination with eritaceous and other shade-loving plants. Grows 4 to 6 ft. high, grtMter in spread. Zones (5*6 to 8, Western Himalayas, Afghanistan.

C ultivBR and Varieties, var. hutntfis is the most common form of Himalayan Sarcococca in the commercial sector. i he habit is more uniform than that of the species. Kor ground cover use in shade, It is a Ii ßt rate plant. Grows 1 Vz to 2 ft, high. Zones 5 to tf.

.Soncococco 'jootifa™ Vitr. hurrttiri

ioJTDCOfCO hookerana foliage

.Soncococco 'jootifa™ Vitr. hurrttiri

Sarcococca hookerana flowers

Sarcococca hookerana„ Sweetbox

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