Rhododendron mucronuiatum

Korean Rhododendron

Korean Rhododendron is a deciduous shrub (hat offers bright rose-purple, l!/>m. Long and wide flowers on naked Stenns from March to early April. It was a welcome sight in my Illinois garden after the hostilities of the mid western winter, Use in a shrub l>order or grouping framed by an evergreen background, CÎrows 4 to s ft, high and wide, Zones 4 to 7. North-em ¿rid northeastern China, Korea, northern Japan.

Cultivars and Varieties, 'Cornell Pink' has phlox-pink flowers.

Rhododendron maximum, Ro&et>ay Rhododendron

Rhododendron mufjwrufatwm flowers

Rhododendron muifOfiLrfaiuin. Korean Rhododendron

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