Quercus palustris

Pin Oak

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ftutti marine, this species was the most commonly planted shade and street tree Pin Oak has consumer recognition, and it is also one of the easiest oaks to grow and transplant, which contributes to its popularity* The habit is strongly pyramidal, usually with a central leader. The lower branches are pendulous; the middle are horizontal; and the upper branches are upright. The lustrous dark green leaves turn russet-red to red in tall Tin Oak requires acid solh for best performance. Chlorosis is common throughout the M id west on plants In calcareous soils. One major maintenance problem is that the lower branches hang down iinti must be removed to facilitate vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Use for street and lawn plantings. C trows 60 to 70 ft. high. 25 to 40 ft. wide, Zones 4 to 7. Massachusetts to Wisconsin, south to llelawarr and Arkansas.

Culttvan and Varieties. 'Crownright' and 'Sovereign' do not develop the weeping lower branches of the species.

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Quercui muehtonbergii, Chinkapin Oak

OutKui pMfoi, Wilk>w Oak

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