Pahurian iuniper

The characteristics of the species are unknown; thecultivar Panoni' is the major representative of Dahudan juniper in the trade, 'Parsoni' ('fcxpansa') has primarily soft-textured, gray-green, scalelike needles, with an occasional shoot of prickly, needle-iike foliage. This cultivar is often confused with funipents chinetisis 'San Jose; but it differs in its foliage characteristics and in the presence of cones. Growth habit is a dome-shaped mound. Grows 2 to 3 ft. high, K to V ft. wide, /ones {5)6 to 9. Japan.

Cultivars and Varieties, Kxpansa Variegata', with creamy white splotches, and 'Exparua Aureospieata', with golden splashes, are among the available cultivars of ftutiperus liavurica with variegated foliage,

Juniperus horizon talis

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