Magnolia xlocbneri

Loebntr Magnolia

A hybrid between Magnolia kobus and M. stetltita, this small tree embodies the best characteristics of each of its parents. Normally forms a round-headed Crown of dense branches 1 he flowers are typically white, fragrant, and have 12 to 15 tepals, and they open in April, about seven to ten days ahead of those of U vsottltifi$Uina. Leaves are dark green, 3 to 5 in, long, and turn mellow yellow-brown in fall Grows 20 to .10 ft. high- Zones (415 to ft.

Cuttlvars and Varieties, 'Ballerina' has Jlowers with .10 icpals, pure white and pinkish in the center It is pyramidal-oval in habit. Grows to 25 ft, high.

'Leonard M esse I' produces 12* to iS-tepated llowers. flushed purple-pink on the outside, HLibit is smaller than that of other cultivars mentioned here. Grows 15 to 20 ft. high,

'Merrill' has to tV/;-in.-diameter flowers with IS tepals, borne profusely on a densely branched plant.

'Spring Snow" has 12-lepaled, creamy white Mowers Grows 25 ft. high and wide,

Magnolia xtoennen, Loebner MagnoJra

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