Maackia amurensis

Amur Maackia

Unheralded and unknown except in the gardens at a fortunate few. No singular quality sets this small tree apart, hut the sum of its features contributes to a pleasing landscape presence, A dapper, round-headed tree of uniform proportions in youth and at maturity, Ne* foliage is ducted with grayish pubescence that yields to rich green. The leaves are composed of five to seven leaflets, each 1 'rt to V/S In, long. Fall color is virtually nonexistent and the leaves die off green. Dull white, pealike flowers appear in 4- to <vin -long racemes (sometimes panicles) in June or July. 1 heir fragrance could he likened to that oj new mown alfalfa. 1 he shiny, amber-colored hark peels with age Into loose flakes and curls When backlighted by the setting sun, the bark has the color ol a rich brown ale. Performs liest in loose, acid or alkaline, well-drained soils An excellent small tree lor streets, planters, Lawns, and patios Grows 20 to JO ft. high and wide Zones -i to 7. Northeastern China.

Moockto omurenw bark

Maocfcw Qmurfntii young foliage

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