Kobus Magnolia

Seldom used in contemporary landscapes because of the time it takes tor it to flower from seed; some take as long as 30 yeais to reach full ilower, I he six- to niue-tepaledr white, slightly fragrant flowers, 3 to 4 in, in diameter appear before the leaves in March and April, Beautiful when right. In youth the habit is pyramidal; it becomes rounded at maturity. The dark green, 3- to 6-in.-long leaves develop appreciable yellow-brown fall color. I he silver-grey bark is a lovely addition to the winter landscape. Very adaptable species, Grows 30 to 40ft. high, ¿[ones 5 to 7(H), Japan.

Cult ivars and Varieties, var. boreath Is more cold hardy (Zone 4: and mote treelike in habit than the spccics. A plantsman in Maine noted that seedling trees of var. Jwrroife did not flower until their 18th year.

Magnoito fcoi>vJr Kobus Magnolia

MirgrroM denudeo flower

Magnolia kobus flower
Magnolia xloebneri 'Ballerina flower
Magnolia xfoebneri 'Spring Snow' Mower
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