Jutiiperus squama ta

Single-Seed Juniper

I he oiltlvars arc the only representatives of this sixties in cultivation* Supposedly quite variable in growth habit over Its native range. Generally not as adaptable as the other types presented here, /ones to 7. Afghanistan, the Himalayas, western China.

Cultlvars and Varieties. Blue Carpet' is j handsome groundcover form wiih rich hlue-green foliage. Grows 2n to \ ft high, 4 to 5 ft. wide,

'Blue Star1 is a much'bally hooed cultivar, with rich silver-blue foliage that assumes a dirty tinge in winter. A low, rounded, squat plant, as broad .is it is high, Grows 3 ft, high, \ to 4 ft, wide.

Meyerf is the tried-and-true standard of this groupr commonly found in older landscapes in the United States. M has rich silvery blue green foliage Called Fish-Tail Juniper because the branches resemble a hsh's tall. Can become worn and ragged with age. Grows 5 ft, high, 4 ft. wide; piants to 20 ft, high are known.

iut\iperu\ iquamata Blue Star'

luniperui virginiana 'Canaertii' cones

¬°untpc rus virgin tana, Eastern Redcedar

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