Juniperus conferta

Shore Juniper

Truly a superb groundcovor for dry, sandy soils and areas where salinity poses a problem. The rich blue-green, prickly, V*- to V*-in.-long needles lose some of their sheen in cold weather. Ihe silvery, '/V to >/>ln.-diameter Cones are attractive throughout the year. Grows 1 to iV; ft, high, 6 to 9 ft. wide, /ones (5)6 to Japan,

Cultivars and Varieties. Blue Pacific' has superseded the species in many areas of the United States because of its more compact ha hit and suj>erior foliage. The rich, ocean blue-green needles are shorter and more densely borne than those of the species, and they do not discolor in cold weather to the degree of those of the species. Usually grows less lhan ] ft high.

'KmeraJri ^ear is somewhat similar to 'Blue Pacific*, but with looser blue-green foliage and a laller habit. Considered hardier than either the typical species or 'Blue Pacific'

'Silver Mist' could prove a delightful addition to the stahle of faniptTUi conferta cultivars because of the distinct silvery overcast of its blue-green needles and more compact habit.

funtperui conforta 'S^er Mist'
funrperui cooferto, Shore Juniper
funtperos conferta 'Blue Pacific
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