three Weeks. Flowers also develop sjiurad^ eally through summer, ftuvtde reasonable drainage In virtually any soil, from acid to high pH. For best (lower effect, site in partial shade, because the yellow tends to bleach in full sun. Makes a great plant for the shady shrub or perennial border Also useful in large masses. When the shrub becomes overgrown or unkempt, simply cut it to the ground after flowering. Grows 3 to 6 ft. high, slightly greater in spread. Zones A to 9. China.

Cultlvan and Varieties. Ticta' Is a dapper selection, smaller in stature, with gray-green leaves edged in while, Flowers are yellow but not as profuse or well-formed as those of the species. Site in some shade, rieniilord' is quite common in southern gardens, less so in northern. It bears double. 1- to 2-im -diameter, almost ball-shaped, golden yellow flowers, l.xtremely vigorous and suckers with a vengeance. The looser the soil, the wider its reach. Magnificent in flower, Its bloom coincides with that of Oame 's Roc ket (f iesperis > a n d < o I urn b11 it* Grows 6 to H ft, high or more

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Kerna ¬°apontca Tlemftora (lower

Kerna ¬°apontca Tlemftora (lower

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