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Cailicofpo bodinteri Profusion' fruit

Callicarpa dichotoma

Purple Beautyberry

Purple Beautyberry is the most refined of the beauty berries. It has a graceful, arching, spreading habit and 1- to ii-m.-long. light to medium green leaves. Small, rather inconspicuous, light lavender-pink flowers emerge from the leaf axils in June, July and August. The ■/*-in.-diameter, lilac-violet fruit start to ripen in September and persist into November, I he fruit aTe borne in clusters above the foliage, and the branches appear studded with brightly colored jewels, The species will prosper in any well-drained soil and in full sun. If plants become tatty, cut to within 6 in. of the gmund in late winter and fertilize, Regrowth is rapid, and flowers and fruit will occur the same year For maximum effect use in masses or large groups. Grows .1 to 4 ft. high, slightly greater in spread. Zones 5 to 8. China, Japan.

Cultivars and Varieties. 'Albifructus' is a pretty white-fruited form with lighter green foliage and white flowers. It reaches 6 to H it. in height.

CaflizarpQ dtcbotoma, Purple Beautyberry

Cailicofpo bodinteri Profusion' fruit

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