The fallowing needle evergreens can be used as hedges,

Aiwi Thts genus (a ong with the genera Picea and Pinus) is not the best for hedges, alt hough it is often ^sed in dispiays at arboreta and botanrcal garden*. Pbnti tart be ejcffemiity vartabie, part«:* u Early in needle color, because they afp grown from seed. Prune when the needies of the new spring shoois are halt nomi^ size. New buds will form behind the cuti and insure a tuH, dense plant the next year,

Griocetfruj decytreris

Cednti I have observed Mini* otiantko var otoÄtt used as a hedge, but It rs a tragic waste of a great plant. Also, it is an e*pensivp approach

Chamaecypany AÜ spe* im tan be pruned into hedges. The slower growmg forms of Chamaecypor'ts obtusa, if planted dose, make handsome hedges Without much pruning,

*Cupressocyporis feyiandu

¡uniperus Ai íy upright juniper tun he fashioned info a hedge.

Pkw, See A&es entry

Wnui. See Abies entry. Pinus mugo, P pumik¡t P st robus, and P sylvestris are the best pines lot hedging purposes.

Joxux Overused for hedging, but e*celienl in sun or shade,

Thuto Easrfy pruned and maintained.

Jhuiopsis ekiiobrata. A handsome but expensive hedge.

ftuga canadensis, Where it can be grown, mere are no rivals.


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