Fosa spinosissima

Scotch Rose

The overwhelming variation in this species contributes to taxonomic nightmares but also sen-es as a gardener's delight. The only common feature I can find is the bright green leaves that are composed of five to eleven rounded, delicate leaflets, each Vi to 1 in. long. The plant varies in habit from groundcoverlike to to 4 ft.-high, mounded shnibs. White, yellow, or pink, 1- to 2-m -diameter, single (lowers are borne in profusion on short branches along the stems in May and June, Blackish to dark brown fruit range from Vito V4 in. in diameter One of the most widely distributed rose species in its native range. Zones 4 to 8. Europe, western Asia.

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Salix alba 'Tristis'

Weeping-Gold White Willow

1 tlis is line of the best loved and most hated trees )n landscape history. The graceful weeping habit and the long, trailing, supple stems, golden in the winter sun, have inspired p**ets and artists along with gardeners. This cultivui develops a rounded outline with age, arid it can overtake portions of real estate thought to he uninhabitable, The lustrous rich green, 1V:- to 4-in,-long summer leaves may turn shimmering yellow in fall. Interestingly, it is one of the first trees to leaf out and one of the last to shed its leaves. Hark on mature trunks is yellowish brown to brown in color and corky in texture. Plant In moist soils alongside a stream or lake where the long branches can brush the surface of the water. Susceptible to canker. Can be a messy tree, as the small branches and twigs constantly litter the ground, Cirows 50 to 70 ft, high and wide. Zones 4 to 9. Southern Europe to western Siberia, central Asia, China.

Sa/ijv babylonica

Babylon Weeping Willow

Although many weeping willows aire sold under thK name, very few, if any, are the rtdl thing. The true form is a graceful, refined tree with a short, stout trunk and a broad-rounded crown of weeping branches that sweep the ground. The supple stems are reddish brown In winter, never vellow

like those of alba' I ristis". Grows 30 to 40 ft. high and wide. Zones 6 to 8. China.

Cultivars and Varieties. CrtSpa' {'Annularis* ts an unusual form, with spirally curled leaves.

Soto alba Tmtii', Weeping-Gold White Willow, in la JI

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