Creeping Juniper

A true spreading groundcover type with blue-greent phi me]ike, soft-textured foliage. The cultivars of this species consistently des elop mauve to deep purple colors in cold weather, and this is a good way to distinguish C reeping Juniper from the other groundcover junipers. Ptnmopsis blight can be more troublesome on this group. Grows

1 to 4 ft, high, spread is variable. Zones 3 to 9, Nova Scotia to lirltish Columbia, south in the higher elevations,

Cultivars and Varieties, Numerous cultivars have been selectedh and some nurseries offer to ten different forms.

Bar Harbor has bluish green summer foiiagt that turns reddish purple in winter. It is a male. Grows l/\ to I ft. high, 6 to 8 ft,

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