Cotinus obovatus C atnericanus

American Smoke tree

A choice native species thai occurs in limestone soils. In the wild, it is often a large shrub rather than a tree, but most cultivated specimens are small trees. J he habit is oval to rounded, with a dense crown. The gray-black bark develops a fish-scale constitution that is particularly noticeable In the winter landscape, I he rich blue-green, to i'^tn -long, oval leaves torn magnificent yellow, orange, redh and reddish purple in fall, with no two trees exactly alike In latt, a single tree may display all these colors. Slakes an excellent small lawn tree and offers pos* sibilities for street and urban planting in dry soils. No serious insect or disease problems. Should become more commonly used in gardens as people discover its many virtues. Grow* 20 lo 30 ft. high, variable spread. Zones 4 to 8. Tennessee to Alabama, west to the Edwards Plateau of Texas.

Cotmut cogger1*) 'Daydream' inrtoreitettCt

Cotinai coggygna Royal Purpte

Coitus obovQtut 1,Ji cotof

Cottnus obovaiM bark

Cotinai coggygna Royal Purpte

Coitus obovQtut 1,Ji cotof

Cottnus obovaiM bark

Cotoneaster adpressus

Creeping Cotoneaster

1 11 is species and Cotoneaster apkulatust Cranberry Cotoneaster, arc among the most popular of all ground cover and massing cot on enters because of their handsome dark green foliage and Large, lustrous red fruit. The habit is low-spreading, compact, and rigidly branched The to Va-in.-long leaves turn reddish purple in fall. The pinkish flowers art rather Inconspicuous, but the Win -diameter, datk red fruit persist into winter Transplant as a container-grown plant into any well-drained soil. Quite tolerant of high pf{ soils. Makes a great groundcover or mass planting, in full sun to partial shade, Grows 1 to V/2 ft. high, 4 to 6 ft. wide, Zones 4 to 6. Western Chma.

Cultfrars and Varieties, var. praecox is larger than the species in all its parts and offers better fruit display.

Cotoneaster apiculatus

Cranberry Cotoneaster

Much like the previous species- but more common in cultivation. Tends toward a sliffer habit, with the branches forming impenetrable tangles, The l/+- to 16-in.-diameter, cranberry-red fruil are often spectacular, and they persist into November, The lustrous dark green, '/<- to V^in.-long and wide leaves have wavy margins. Habit is perhaps more shrubby than I hat of Cotoneaster 1jjpresstts, Grows 3 ft. high, 3 to 6 ft, wide, Zones 4 to 7, Western China.

Cotoneaster aptculatus, Cranberry Cotoneaster

iter Qpn ukjiu] Ikw Carewwos ttr apK ukttui fru it

Cofonevjjfff oapreitut, Creeping Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster aptculatus, Cranberry Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster dammeri

Bearberry Cotoneaster

Bearberry Cotoneaster has achieved celebrity status In landscapes in recent decades. In northern gardens, the leaves are usually persistent, unless winter temperatures drop below - 10"R The initial growth habit is relatively prostrate; branches build up. however, layer upon layer, resulting in a Sizable plant. The yA- to l^-in,-long leaves are lustrous dark green, turning reddish purple with the coming of cold weather. The '/i- to Vi-in.-diameter, five-petaied, white flowers appear in profusion during May, followed by globose to top-shaped, in.-diameter, red fruit. Fruit set is often sparse. Adaptable and extremely fast growing, it is a popular choice for quick cover, lends to become ratty with time and requires pruning to maintain neatness, l ireblight, a bacterial disease, and lace bugr which causes a yellowing of the Leaves, may tx? problematic. Grows 1 to 1 '/2 ft. high, 6 fi. wide or more. Zones 5 to 8. Central China.

Cultivars and Varieties. Royal Beauty' (Coral Beauty') Is described as a free-fruiting clone, but for all intents it is not much different than 'Slcogholm' it sets reasonable quantities of red fruit, Grows 2 to 2Vi ft high,

'Skogholm' is a most vigorous, wide-spreading form that covers the ground as fast as any cotoneaster Grows 1'/? to 3 ft. high,

'Streib's Kindling' is a small-leaved form of prostrate habit that sets heavy crops of bright red fruit.

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