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Spiraea nipponica 'Snowmound'

Snowmound Nippon Spirts for some strange reason, this selection is commonly used in the Midwest but seldom in great Quantities anywhere else. The tijjit-knit branches are covered with J - to Jong, dark blue-green leaves. White flowers cover the branches in May and June, li is a superb plant for use on banks, In masses, or in groupings With time, it develops into a shapely, rounded shrub. Grows ^ to 5 ft. high and wide. Zones 4 to K. Japan,

Spiraea prunifolia liridalwreath Spirca

Along with Spirdtv xwnhouttei* this is the sp*rea species with which the general gardening public is most familiar. To my mind, it di>es not measure up to the newer, more compact spinas fsuch as the S. xbumutJa and S, fttponica types i, but it has withstood the test of time around farmsteads and residences for over loo years. 1 he habit is open, straggly, and leggyr with the bulk of the foliage on the upper half of the plant. The 1 - to 2-in.-longr lustrous dark green leaves turn yellow-orange to purplish brown in fall. Double, white, in .-diameter flowers occur three to six together along the naked stems in April. Probably ot little value in modern gardens compared to some of the other spireas* Grows 4 to 9 ft, high,. 6 to ft ft, wide. Zones 4 to K. Korea, China, Taiwan

Spiraea japooKo continued tyratc ¬°aponKO 'Goldmound'

Spifaeo fQponica 'LinJe Princess'

SptrotO pfumfofio tlower*

Spirato ¬°aportka 'Shibon' flowers

SptrotO pfumfofio tlower*

Spifaeo fQponica 'LinJe Princess'

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Spiraea thunbergii

Thunberg Spirea

J take great delight in this wispy, hne-te*-tured shrub, It offers light green, wtllow-like leaves, five* petal ed, single, white flowers, and a bulldog's tenacity that allows it to prosper in virtually any environment, The ultimate form is gracefully arching wjth a rounded-mounded outline. The yellowish green leaves are 1 to iV: in. long and % to % in. wide and turn orange and bronze in autumn. The '/+- to '/z-in.-diam-eter flowers appear on naked branches in March and April, well ahirad of the majority of flowering shrubs. Makes a great mass effect, or it can be used for color and textural purposes In the shruh border Grows S to S ft. high and wide. Zones 4 to fl, Japan, China.

Spiraea *.ar$utar Garland Spirea, is closely related, but it flowers later and grows slightly larger E he leaves are entire at the base, while those of S. thimbergii are serrated to the base.

Spiraea rvonhovttti, Vanbwtte Spirea

Spiraea thunbergii foliage

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