Biological weed management is a system that incorporates the use of diverse biological organisms and biologically-based approaches including allelopathy, crop competition, and other cultural practices to significantly reduce weed densities in a manner that is similar to use of chemical herbicides alone (Cardina, 1995). Interest in developing effective biological weed management systems continues to increase because of a growing awareness of problems associated with the constant and intensive use of chemical herbicides, which include surface- and groundwater contamination, detrimental impacts on nontarget organisms, development of weeds resistant to herbicides (including those that are used in transgenic herbicide-resistant crops), and consumer concerns for residues on food (Gliessman, 2002). A component of biological weed management involves biological control, the intentional use of living organisms (insects, nematodes, fungi, and bacteria) to reduce the vigor, reproductive capacity, density, or impact of weeds (Quimby and Birdsall, 1995). A number of reviews are

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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