Part I Review

A Half-Century Adventure in the Dynamics of Living Systems 3

Michel Thellier

Part II Genetics

To Divide and to Rule; Regulating Cell Division in Roots

During Post-embryonic Growth 57

Luis Sanz, James A.H. Murray, and Walter Dewitte

Metabolic Engineering of Cyanobacteria for Direct Conversion of CO2 to Hydrocarbon Biofuels 81

Christer Jansson

Part III Physiology

Interaction Between Salinity and Elevated CO2:

A Physiological Approach 97

Usue Perez-Lopez, Amaia Mena-Petite, and Alberto Munoz-Ruedaa

Mechanisms of Cd Hyperaccumulation and Detoxification in Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulators: How Plants Cope with Cd 127

Rong-Liang Qiu, Ye-Tao Tang, Xiao-Wen Zeng, Palaniswamy Thangavel, Lu Tang, Yuan-Yuan Gan, Rong-Rong Gan, and Shi-Zhong Wang

Long-Distance Transport and Plant Internal Cycling of N- and S-Compounds 161

Cornelia Herschbach, Arthur Gessler, and Heinz Rennenberg

Blue-Light-Activated Chloroplast Movements: Progress in the Last Decade 189

Halina Gabrys

Role of Chloroplast Thylakoid Lumen in Photosynthetic

Regulation and Plant Cell Signaling 207

Cornelia Spetea Wiklund

Connecting Environmental Stimuli and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Expression: Phytohormones and Other Signaling Molecules 231

Luciano Freschi and Helenice Mercier

Part IV Systematics

Systematics of the Green Algae: A Brief Introduction to the Current Status 259

Thomas Friedl and Nataliya Rybalka

Part V Ecology

Secondary Lichen Compounds as Protection Against

Excess Solar Radiation and Herbivores 283

Knut Asbj0rn Solhaug and Yngvar Gauslaa

Index 305

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