Landscaping Silviculture and Forest Management in the WUI

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Landscaping for fire protection starts with clearing of all flammable vegetation at least 30 m around the house. The cleared native vegetation can be replaced by drought tolerant species with low ignitability, and low fuel volume. FIRESMART (2003) provides a list of the desirable attributes of fire-resistive vegetation. Trees should be spaced far enough apart that their crowns will still be separated when full-grown and they will not overhang the house.

Silviculture and management practices should focus on the protection of the urban structures that they engulf to protect human lives. Forest in WUI should not be managed on a traditional sustained yield basis or as protective forests, but fire-preventive silviculture measures, like pruning, thinning, fuel removal and isolation, breaking of horizontal continuity, etc. should be applied.

Extra water supply and special underground installations for ample water should be established in the wildland areas prior to urban development. Perimeter protection from wildfires should be incorporated into the design of residential areas developed in wildland. Territory planning and strategic environmental assessment are necessary in order to establish a network of fire escape routes and fire safe concentration points in the WUI regions. WUI areas should be delineated according to the degree of potential fire risk, the value of properties protected and the potential difficulty of fire suppression. For cultural monuments that are surrounded by natural vegetation of high aesthetic value all fire suppression measures should aim at adequately protecting the monument without disturbing the natural beauty of the site.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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