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The overview of relevant higher education in Europe has shown that, although still fragmented, urban forestry curricula and courses are developing and becoming more common. The United Kingdom has the longest track record in education in urban forestry, although a large part of it has been directed towards arboriculture. Also, because of the concept of urban forestry having an Anglo-Saxon origin, a large part of the urban forestry and arboriculture curricula listed in the European overview are based in the United Kingdom.

Across Europe, other institutions have developed urban forestry programs. Most have had a national scope, and many have in recent years experienced difficulties in rooting itself - in several cases due to lack of students. To our knowledge urban forestry related programs have been offered or are under preparation in the following countries: Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Greece, Italy and Denmark/ Sweden. Examples of programs are provided in Boxes 17.1 and 17.2. Based on their long tradition in urban green establishment, forestry, landscape architecture and landscape planning, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have developed, jointly with other partners, a Master education in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. This program will have an international scope and starts in autumn 2005.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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