Bilong olgeta sik

Bai yu kisim namel bilong Poing ging (Plate 3-10) na tanim. Dring wara bilong en, na sik bai lus long skin bilong yu. Narapela, kisim liklik kru bilong en, na givim ol manki kaikai. Ol bai kamap smat tasol, nogat sik o sua, na bihainim diwai na sanap stret na strong.

Young children are passed through the broken stem of the growing vine to make them resistant to illness giving their skin a smooth sheen. Adolescents are given the sap to drink to induce sweating and make the skin shiny and smooth. When they drink this liquid they feel very hot and their skin will be cleaned.

At the time of first harvest each year, an offering is made to Patuki using this vine. New produce, such as cucumbers and beans (Plate 7-9) as well as fragrant plants and gingers (Plate 2-13, 5-4, 5-18) are used to decorate the base of the Dioscorea merrillii vine. If it thunders or rains, we know that Patuki has accepted our offerings. If there is no thunder but rain can be seen and you remain in good health, then we say the ritual had a little power.

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