C. centralis

C. alboranii

PLATE IS. Leptocylindrus mediterraneus: (a) chain with epiphyte; (b) detail of girdle. Scale bar = 10 ixm. After Cupp (1943). Corethron criophilum: single cell with characteristic spines. Scale bar =10 /xm. Coscinodiscus argus: Girdle view, processes away from margin. Scale bar = 20 /xm. Coscinodiscus asteromphalus: girdle view, processes close to margin. Scale bar = 20 /xm. Coscinodiscus centralis: girdle view, evenly vaulted valves with a central depression. Scale bar = 20 /xm. Coscinodiscus alboranii: girdle view, steep mantle and evenly vaulted valve face. Scale bar = 20 /xm.

TABLE 18 Morphometric Data of Leptocylindrus spp.

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