New Genus

Lioloma Hasle gen. nov.

Cells long, narrow, twisted. Valve ends dissimilar, both ends with a labiate process, one end with apical spine(s). Marginal spines absent. Internal foramina and external vela about the same size. Sternum variable in width along the apical axis, no raphe.

* All nomenclatural novelties given in this Appendix were first reported and validated in "Identifying Marine Diatoms and Dinoflagellates" C. Tomas (ed.) Academic Press, 1996.

Cellulae longae, angustae, tortae. Poli valvae dissimiles, uterque rimoportula una munitus, unum extremum cum spina (spinis). Nullae Spinae marginales. Foramina interna et vela externa eiusdem prope magnitudinis. Sternum variae latitudinis axem apicalem sequens, sine raphe. Typus: Lioloma elongatum (Grunow) Hasle comb. nov.

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