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la. Cells rectangular in girdle view, both valves slightly convex in the middle, valve outline broadly lanceolate with produced ends, nonareolated valve area absent C. lorenziana Grunow lb. Larger cells curved in girdle view, one valve convex in the middle, the other slightly concave or almost straight, valve outline lanceolate to linear oblong, nonareolated area present in the middle of the valve

C. belgica Grunow


C. belgica—cosmopolitan, mostly on sandy beaches. C. lorenziana—warm water region to temperate, coastal.

Genus Minutocellus Hasle, von Stosch, &c Syvertsen 1983 (Plate 36, Table 44)

Type: Minutocellus polymorphus (Hargraves & Guillard) Hasle, von Stosch, & Syvertsen.

Basionym: Bellerochea polymorpha Hargraves & Guillard. References: Hargraves & Guillard, 1974, p. 167, Figs. 1-8; Hasle et al., 1983, p. 38, Text Figs. 6 and 8, Figs. 156-189 and 220-242; Takano, 1990,pp.278-279.

Generic characters:

Solitary or in ribbons.

Cell outline narrowly lanceolate, elliptical to subcircular. Cell wall weakly silicified, structure not resolved with LM. Tubular process.

TABLE 44 Morphometric Data of Minutocellus spp.


Per valvar axis (|im)

Apical axis (|tm)

Transapical axis (|*m)

M. polymorphus

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