Key To Species

la. Valves regularly quadrangular, valve face smooth

L. minuta von Stosch lb. Valves regularly quadrangular, or irregularly triangular, quadrangular, or quinqueangular, spines around valve center

L. polymorpha von Stosch


L. minuta—Townsville, north Queensland, Australia. L. polymorpha—mouth of Norman River, Australia, probably benthic. How to identify: Examination in phase contrast or interference contrast of whole frustules mounted in Pleurax is evidently the superior method for identification (von Stosch, 1986, 1987).

Genus Lithodesmium Ehrenberg 1839 (Plate 48, Table 60) Type: Lithodesmium undulatum Ehrenberg.

References: Ehrenberg, 1841a, p. 127, Plate 4, Figs. 13a-13c; West, 1860, p. 148, Plate 7, Fig. 5; H. & M. Peragallo, 1897-1908, p. 394, Plate 96, Figs. 4 and

TABLE 60 Morphometric Data of Lithodesmium spp.

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