Key To Living Species

la. Valves distinctly convex, areolation fasciculate 2

lb. Valves flat to slightly convex, areolation furcate

S. microtrias (Ehrenberg) Hasle 8c Sims, vegetative cells

2a. Many areola rows per sector, areolae small

S. stellaris10 (Roper) Hasle 8c Sims

2b. Sectors narrower, areolae larger

S. microtrias (Ehrenberg) Hasle 8c Sims, resting spores

10 Basionym: Coscinodiscus stellaris Roper.


S. stellaris

S. microtrias

Actinocyclus curvatulus

TABLE 23 Morphometric Data of Stellarima spp. (Hasle et al., 1988)


Diameter (M-m)

Areolae Striae in in 10 |xm 10 |xm


S. microtrias, veg. cells S. microtrias, rest, spores S. stellaris

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