Key To Genera

la. Cells in chains close together 2

lb. Cells in chains united by long external extensions of labiate processes . . Stephanopyxis, p. 91

2a. Cells in chains united by mucilage pads, sometimes also by a corona consisting of larger irregular spines, valve mantle high and strongly curved Melosira, p. 89

2b. Cells in chains united by interlocking ridges and grooves and marginal spines, valve mantle low and straight Paralia, p. 89

Genus Melosira C. A. Agardh 1824 (Plate 14, Table 16) Type: Melosira nummuloides C. A. Agardh.

References: Dickie, 1852, p. cxcvi; Van Heurck, 1880-1885, Plate 85, Figs. 3 and 4; Hustedt, 1930, pp. 231-234, Figs. 95 and 96; Hendey, 1964, p. 72, Plate 1, Fig. 1: Crawford, 1975; Syvertsen & Hasle, 1988.

Melosira, as typified by M. nummuloides (Crawford, 1975), is mainly a marine, nonplanktonic genus. The chloroplasts are numerous, small, and plate like lying in the peripheral cytoplasm.

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