7-9 in 10 ju.m

" Unpublished observations (Australian clone E.E.S.).

" Unpublished observations (Australian clone E.E.S.).

Fig. 1; Bethge, 1928, p. 343, Plate 11, Figs. 1-12; Hustedt, 1930, p. 310, Fig. 149; Cupp, 1943, p. 43, Fig. 6; Hendey,1964, p. 91, Plate 7, Fig. 3; Hasle, 1973b; Round, 1973; Guillard et al., 1974; Hasle & Evensen, 1975; Takano, 1981, p. 46, Figs. 1-3; Mediin et al., 1991.

Skeletonema barbadense has been transferred to a new genus Skeletonem-opsis P. A. Sims and a proposal is being made that Skeletonema costatum should be conserved as the type of Skeletonema, by replacing S. barbadense (Sims, 1994).

Generic characters:

Cells in chains united by external tubes of strutted processes (complete or split longitudinally) arranged in one marginal ring. One labiate process inside the ring of strutted processes or close to valve center.

Valve structure (barely seen with LM): radial areolation, central annulus more or less developed.

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