PLATE 36 Cymatosira lorenziana: (a) short chain in girdle view with central linking spines and separation valves on end cells; (b) valve with marginal ridge, labiate process, and ocelluli. Cymatosira belgica: (a) typical triplet with linking spines and separation valves; (b) separation valve with spines, labiate process, and ocelluli. Plagiogrammopsis vanbeurckii: (a) short chain with marginal spines and pili; (b) valve with labiate process, pseudoseptum, and ocelluli. Brockmanniella brockmannii: (a) chain and (b) valve with fascia, labiate process, and ocelluli. Arcocellulus comucervis: (a) cell in girdle view with branched pili; (b) process valve (tubular process). Minutocellus polymorphus: (a) cell in girdle view with pili; (b) process valve (tubular process). Minutocellus scriptus: (a) cell in girdle view; (b) Process valve. From Hasle et al. (1983). Scale bar = 10 /mm.

Generic characters:

Partly twisted ribbons.

Marginal spines linking the middle part of the valves. Cell wall coarsely silicified. Labiate process.

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