lb. Elevations with obtuse ends 3

2a. Elevations short, top plates ribbed (costate ocellus) and with spine or wing-like prolongations, apertures between cells in chains narrow

Cerataulina, p. 169

2b. Elevations usually long and slender with pointed ends and no ribbed top plate, apertures between cells in chains mostly wide .Hemiaulus, p. 176

3 a. Pervalvar axis usually short, chains sometimes twisted

Climacodium, p. 172

3b. Pervalvar axis longer, chains often helically curved, elevations with ribbed top plate (costate ocellus) Eucampia, p. 172

Genus Cerataulina H. Peragallo ex Schiitt 1896 (Plates 32 and 33, Table 38)

Type: Cerataulina bergonii (H. Peragallo) Schiitt.

TABLE 38 Morphometric Data of Ceratulina spp. (Hasle & Syvertsen, 1980)


Pervalvar axis ((im)

Diameter (|im)

Valve striae in 10 |im

C. bicornis

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