7-17 (13) ca. 0.25 X Diameter 4-12 (7) 0.17-0.33 X Diameter

Note. Numbers in parentheses are most common.

B. Valve outline broadly oval to circular: A. arachne, A. elegans, A. heptactis, A. hookeri, A. hyalinus, A. parvulus, and A. roperianus (Table 31).

A. Valve outline oblong to elliptical.

Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brebisson) Greville (Plate 24, Table 30) Basionym: Spatangidium flabellatum Brebisson. References: Brebisson, 1857, p. 297, Plate 3, Fig. 3; Greville, 1859b, p. 160, Plate 7, Fig. 4; Hustedt, 1930, p. 498, Fig. 279; Hernandez-Becerril, 1991a, p. 14, Plates 12 and 13. Central area slightly eccentric. Separating lines straight. Extension of the narrow ray inside the central area rectangular to club shaped. The remaining hyaline rays straight or slightly curved and narrow. Areolated sectors narrow and curved toward valve center.

Asteromphalus sarcophagus Wallich (Plate 23, Table 30) References: Wallich, 1860, p. 47, Fig. 12; Taylor, 1967, p. 443, Plate 1, Fig. 6; Simonsen, 1974, p. 26, Plate 22, Figs. 3-6; Hernandez-Becerril, 1991a, p. 30, Plates 32 and 33. Valve outline varying from having slightly convex margins and one apex narrower than the other to having a lateral inflation more toward the end opposite the narrow hyaline ray giving the valve a pyriform shape. Central area often extremely eccentric with a narrow hyaline ray occupying about half the length of the valve. Two rays pointing to the same end of the valve as the narrow ray and curved with the concave side facing the valve margin. Areolae decreasing in size toward the narrow apex.

Distribution: A. flabellatus, and A. sarcophagus—warm water region (Simonsen, 1974).


A. flabellatus

A. heptactis

PLATE 24 Asteromphalus flabellatus, A. roperianus, and A. heptactis. Valves with hyaline rays. Scale bar = 10 fim.

TABLE 30 Morphometric Data of Asteromphalus spp. with Oblong to Elliptical Valve Outline

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