C. atlanticus—cosmopolitan—observed as far north as ca. 82°N (Heimdal, 1983) and as far south as ca. 50°S (Lange 8c Mostajo, 1985), observations from the southern cold water region are more complex (Hasle, 1969; Priddle 8c Fryxell, 1985). C. dichaeta—southern cold water region. Remarks: Several varieties of C. atlanticus as well as of C. dichaeta have been described. Those especially from the Antarctic, which may belong to C. atlanticus, need further study until their taxonomic position and geographic distribution can be settled.

3. Terminal setae not differentiated from the others. Chaetoceros borealis Bailey (Plate 39, Table 48)

References: Bailey, 1854, p. 8, Figs. 22 and 23; Hustedt, 1930, p. 661, Fig. 375; Hendey, 1964, p. 120, Plate 18, Fig. 2; Drebes, 1974, p. 66, Fig. 51;

TABLE 48 Morphometric Data of Chaetoceros spp. without Special Terminal Setae


Apical axis (|im)

C. borealis

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