PLATE 46 Chaetoceros affinis: chain with two resting spores. Chaetoceros costatus: chain with resting spores. After Cupp (1943). Chaetoceros seiracanthus: (a) chain in broad girdle view; (b) part of chain with two resting spores; (c) single resting spore. After Hustedt (1930). Chaetoceros wighamii: chain with typical orientation of setae. After Hustedt (1930). Chaetoceros subtilises) chain; (b) resting spores. After Hustedt (1930). Chaetoceros diadema: (a) partial chain; (b) two cells with resting spores. After Cupp (1943). Scale bars = 20 /¿m.

TABLE 54 Morphometry Data of Chaetoceros spp. with One Chloroplast and Straight Chains


Apical axis (p.m)

C. affinis

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