Melosira arctica

Melosira nummuloides

Paralia sulcata

Stephanopyxis turris

Leptocylindrus danicus

Leptocylindrus minimus

PLATE 14 Melosira arctica: chain with semiendogenous resting spores. Melosira nummuloides: chain, collars evident. Paralia sulcata: (a) chain in girdle view; (b) intercalary valve; (c) separation valve. Stephanopyxis turris: chain with two semiendogenous resting spores. Leptocylindrus danicus: chain, cells with numerous chloroplasts, one cell with resting spore. Leptocylindrus minimus: two chains, one slightly helical, two chloroplasts. Scale bars = 20 fim.

TABLE 16 Morphometric Data of Melosira spp.

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