Genera Represented In Marine Plankton

CENTRIC DIATOMS Order Biddulphiales

Valve striae arranged basically in relation to a point, an annulus, or a central areola. Suborder Coscinodiscineae

Valves generally with a marginal ring of processes; symmetry primarily with no polarities.

Family Thalassiosiraceae Lebour 1930 emend. Hasle 1973

Genera: Bacterosira Gran; Cyclotella (Klitzing) Brébisson; Detonula Schütt ex De Toni; Lauderia Cleve; Minidiscus Hasle; Planktoniella Schütt; Porosira j0rgensen; Skeletonema Greville; Thalassiosira Cleve.

Family Melosiraceae Ktitzing 1844

Genera: Melosira C. A. Agardh; Paralia Heiberg; Stephanopyxis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg.

Family Leptocylindraceae Lebour 1930

Genera: Leptocylindrus Cleve; Corethron Castracane.

Family Coscinodiscaceae Kützing 1844 Genera: Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg; Ethmodiscus Castracane; Palmeria Greville.



apical axis


no raphe


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