Abies durangensis Martnez var durangensis

Pinaceae SC North America (N Mexico) L? E hyg?

e typical Durango fir f sapin de Durango typique

34 Abies fraseri (Pursh) Poir. Pinaceae ME North America (USA: Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina) int MW Eurasia (UK) M [L] E sci->hel hyg mes acid calc cl ex (of conservation concern) fd fr ma (resin) pl sa

Abies balsamea var. fraseri (Pursh) Spach Abies humilis Bach.Pyl. Pinus fraseri Pursh e Fraser fir; balsam, balsam fir p.p., doublebalsam fir, eastern fir, Fraser balsam fir, Fraser's fir, she-balsam, southern balsam fir p.p., southern fir f sapin de Fraser; sapin Fraser o abete di Fraser (italian); Frasers Tanne (german)

35 Abies grandis (Dougl. ex D.Don) Lindl. Pinaceae NW MW MC North America (Canada: British Columbia, USA: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, N California) int MW Eurasia (UK to Italy) G E hyg->mes sci->hel cl dr(ob) (dried and pounded needles: baby powder) fr ma(ob) (bark: pink dye) plpp sa ti (board, boxes, dinghies, general construction, lumber, poles) ti(ob) (canoes)

Abies amabilis A.Murray bis non Forbes Abies excelsior Franco Abies gordoniana Carrière Abies grandis (Lamb.) Lindl. Pinus grandis Dougl. ex D.Don e grand fir; balsam, balsam fir p.p., giant fir; larch (ob) (Canada); lowland balsam fir; lowland fir, lowland white fir (Canada); silver fir, Vancouver fir, western white fir, white fir p.p., yellow fir f sapin grandissime; sapin blanc, sapin de Californie, sapin de l'Oregon; sapin de Vancouver (Canada); sapin élancé, sapin géant o abete bianco americano, abete dell'Oregon, abete di Vancouver, abete gigante (italian); Grosse Küstentanne, Küstentanne, Riesentanne (german)

36 Abies guatemalensis Rehder

Pinaceae SC SE North America (S Mexico to Honduras) L E mes acid cl (Christmas trees and decorations) dr ex fw (firewood) ma (bark: tannin, oleoresins) pl pp sa ti (furniture, rural construction, sawtimber, shingles)

Abies guatemalensis var. jaliscana Martinez Abies religiosa sensu Parl.

e Guatemala fir; Guatemalan fir f sapin du Guatemala s abeto, abeto guatemalteco, pinabete, pinbete o Guatemalatanne (german); pajachac, pashac, pashaque, paxaque (Guatemala)

37 Abies guatemalensis Rehder var. guatemalensis

Pinaceae SC SE North America (S Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras) L E mes? acid? dr ex ma pl pp sa ti e typical Guatemala fir f sapin du Guatemala typique

38 Abies guatemalensis var. longibracteata

Debreczy & I.Râcz Pinaceae SC North America (Mexico: Guerrero near Yextla) L? ex (full protection is needed) e longbract Guatemala fir f sapin du Guatemala à bractées longues

39 Abies guatemalensis var. tacanensis

(Lundell) Martinez

Pinaceae SE North America (El Salvador) L?

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