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This eBook teaches you all the remedies and tricks that you need to know to Never visit the dentist again, and still have the most perfect mouth full of the teeth that you know of. This book contains a toothache remedy that will treat the root of the problem, how to restore your gums to full health, a supplement that makes plaque fall off your teeth in no time, and a solution that can stop cavities Forever. This book doesn't just teach you how to get rid of some pain, it teaches you how to Eliminate the source of pain once and for all. After taking to heart the information in this book, trips to the dentist will become a thing of the past. Alice Barnes has taken her 15 years of tooth research and compiled it all in this eBook for you. And when you order, you get two free eBooks! You will also receive How to Prevent and Cure Canker Sores, and How to Get Rid of Bad Breath. All of these resources will keep you OUT of dentists' offices as long as you live! Read more here...

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Total Dental Health

Total Dental Health is a natural program aimed at preventing and reversing severe periodontal disease. Total Dental Health was created with the aim of ensuring people get healthy within a few days. It is an E-book that has a comprehensive, natural and easy plan to ward off periodontitis as well as fight it. Total Dental Health was designed to help people by pointing out methods that will be useful in having a great oral health. The plan is so comprehensive that the users will have no need for any external guide in the usage of the book. Moreover, it has food plans that had been tested by a lot of people and has been discovered to has a great effect in fighting teeth diseases or gum bleeding such as gingivitis. The food plan is such that the author has used it to point out foods to eat and those to avoid. Not limited to adults, Total Dental Health is well-equipped to help children in preventing teeth problems that might later cause pain and embarrassment. With its unique natural methods, the user gets the chance to spend less as opposed to when he/she visits a dentist Read more here...

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How To Stop Toothache In 10 Minutes

Discover The Tried And Tested Simple Methods That The Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About Which You Can Use Right Now To Cure Toothache In 10 Minutes! How to Stop Toothache delivers information on simple steps you can take Immediately to stop toothache with no special medication required! How to Stop Toothache reveals the bare bones, tried and tested True methods that have had pharmaceutical companies second guessing themselves! Infact, companies in pharmaceutical industry have even borrowed from these simple toothache remedies in their overpriced medication formulas!

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Olea ferruginea Royle

Olea Ferruginea

40-50 g of fresh leaves is boiled daily in 2 cups (500 mL) of water for 10-15 min. When 1 cup (250 mL) of water is left, it is strained and given to patients suffering from toothache, mouth gums, hoarseness, and throat sore. For children, 2 tsp (12-15 mL) of decoction (at one time) is used 3-4 times per day for 2-3 days. For adults, cup (125 mL) of decoction (at one time) is used 3-4 times per day for 3-4 days. Mouth sores, toothache, throat pain, and hoarseness.

Viola canescens Wall ex Roxb


(250 mL) of water for 8-10 min 2 tsp (10-15 g) of sugar is also added. Then it is filtered with a cloth or filtration pot and given to patients suffering from fever, cold, cough, asthma, jaundice, headache, sore throat, or toothache. For children, 1 cup (250 mL) of decoction (at one time) is given once daily, at bedtime, for 3-4 days. For adults, 2 cups (500 mL) of decoction (at one time) is given once daily, at bedtime, for 8-10 days. Diseases Cured Fever, cold, cough, asthma, jaundice, headache, toothache, and sore throat.

Zanthoxylum armatum DC Prodr

Leaves of Mentha longifolia, 30 g of dried Trachyspermum ammi, 2 tsp (10-15 g) of black salts are ground together for 10-15 min. This powder is stored in a glass or plastic bottle and given to patients suffering from cholera, stomach disorders, gas trouble, and indigestion. For children, 1 tsp (6-8 g) of powdered drug (at one time) is given with 1 cup (250 mL) of water 2-3 times per day for 3-4 days. For adults, 2 tsp (12-15 g) of powdered drug (at one time) is given with 1 cup (250 mL) of water 2-3 times per day for 4-5 days. For piles, 4-5 ft of young stem is cut with a stone (not with an iron) and used as a stick to heal piles. For mouth sores and toothache, 6-8 in. young twigs are cut with a knife daily and used as a toothbrush (miswak) for mouth sores and toothache. Diseases Cured Gas trouble, cholera, stomach disorders, piles, mouth gum, toothache, and indigestion.

Anacardium occidentale L

Diarrhea, edema, flu, hemoptysis, phlegm, rash, toothache, wart) fd (hypocarp industrial food like alcohol, biscuits, butter, cakes, chocolate, confisery, ice cream, jelly, oil, roasted nuts, syrup, vinegar) fr (nuts debris cattle teguments poultry) fw ma (fruits oil against termits resin lubricants, paints, plastic, varnishes sap indelible ink shell clutch plates, drum brakes, heat-resistant material, particleboards) pl (ornamental) sa ti (fence posts) tx (pericarp oil and resin of the mesocarp shell dermatitis if improperly roasted)

Byrsonima Rues And Lignum Vitae

The scientific name for the Zanthoxylum genus derives from the combination of the Greek words zanthos, or yellow, and xylum* or wood, because of the color of its lumber. The common name yellow wood is even used for at least one species- A few other species, most notably the northern prickly ash and Hercules*

Early traditional medicine

On similar lines it is believed that 'the administration of owl's feathers makes the disease fly silently away' (Githens, 1949, p. 2). In the Caineroons, for the treatment of migraine, a spider's web spun on the grass is found, and grass, web and all are mixed with white clay and rubbed on the patient's head. As the spider runs away on its web, so will the headache run away (Talbot, 1926). Also, abuse exists like everywhere else, and Gerarde's comment on the use of henbane seeds to cure toothache (Woodward, 1931) is reminiscent of practices used in West Africa by some unconscientious healers. He writes 'The seed is used by Mountibank toothdrawers which run about the country, to cause worms come forth of the teeth, by burning in a chafing dish or coles, the party holding his mouth over the fume thereof but some crafty companions to gain money convey small lute-strings into the water, persuading the patients that those small creepers came out of his mouth and other parts which he...

Genetic engineering is used to produce renewable resources for industry

Progress is being made in the attempts to use plants for the production of human monoclonal antibodies (e.g., for curing intestinal cancer). Antibodies against bacteria causing caries have been produced in plants, and it is feasible that they could be added to toothpaste. To make such a project economically viable, it would be necessary to produce very large amounts of antibody proteins at low cost. Plants would be suitable for this purpose. There also has been success in using transgenic plants for the production of oral vaccines. The fodder plant lucerne (Medicago sativa) was transformed to produce an oral vaccine against foot and mouth disease. Oral vaccines for hepatitis B virus have been produced in potatoes and lupines, and a vaccine for rabies has been produced in tomatoes. Although these experiments are still at an initial experimental phase, they open up the possibility of vaccination by ingesting plant material (e.g., fodder for animals or fruit...

Complete Hydrolysis Fructose Syrups

Fructose syrups are widely utilized in the food industry in that they are sweeter than sucrose, thus allowing less sugar to be used to achieve a given level of sweetness (i.e., fructose is 1.2 times sweeter than sucrose on a weight basis (Shallenberger, 1993)). In addition, fructose metabolism in humans is not insulin dependent, and it produces less tooth decay than other sugars (Roch-Norlund et al., 1972). Currently, much of the fructose used by the food industry is produced from corn starch, a glucose polymer, via hydrolysis followed by isomerization. The fructose content is around 42 but can be increased to 95 by chromatographic separation of the residual glucose and further isomerization.

Physicochemical Properties

The oil is used internally for the treatment of coughs and colds, against stomach cramps, colic and asthma the dose is one to five drops. It is used externally for the relief of neuralgia and rheumatism, often in the form of ointments and liniments. External application of a few drops on cotton wool for the relief of toothache and earache.

Baccharis sarothroides

Baccharis glutinosa is a common shrub along watercourses, often forming dense thickets. The straight stems are used in native houses as matting across ceiling timbers to support the mud roof. Baccharis sarothroides and several other species are often referred to as the desert brooms. They are common along desert washes and roadsides in sandy soil, their pale yellow, bristly flower heads, during the fall and winter months, appearing in sharp contrast to the vivid green branchlets and dark stems of the bushes. Among some Indians, these stems are chewed as a toothache remedy.

South And Central America

An infusion of the leaf of this plant, known as 'core-core', is used in Chile by the Mapuche Amerindians to treat cataract, shock and fever. The root, considered astringent, was used to treat toothache and the whole plant used as an antiinflammatory agent (Rodriguez etal., 1994). It is not normally used for diabetes, but the hypoglycaemic effects of an extract of the whole plant was assessed in normoglycaemic and alloxan diabetic rats and the activity found to be significant, but less than that produced by tolbutamide (Rodriguez etal., 1994).

Ribes wolfiiSaxifrage family Saxifragaceae

As with most willows and poplars, its bark is bitter because of the presence of salicin. This bitter principle is extracted from the barks of both willow and poplar and used medicinally to relieve fever, pain and rheumatism. The Kiowa Indians chewed the bark of willows to relieve toothache.

Punica granatum Linn

Quercus Incana Drug

(b) 250 g of dried rind is ground for 10-15 min 150 g of sugar is mixed in. This powder is stored in a plastic or glass bottle and given to patients suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, piles, diabetes, sore gums, stomach disorders liver, intestinal, or bladder inflammation and toothache. For children, 1 tsp (5-6 g) of powdered drug (at one time) is given with 1 cup (250 mL) of water 2-3 times per day for 4-5 days. For adults, 2-3 tsp (12-15 g) of powdered drug (at one time) is given with 1 cup (250 mL) of water 2-3 times per day for 8-10 days. For sore gums and toothache, 1 tsp (4-6 g) of powdered drug (at one time) is rubbed on teeth 2-3 times per day for 8-10 days. For whooping cough and sore gums, 1 tsp (4-5 g) of powdered drug or dried rind (at one time) is crushed under teeth once daily at bedtime for 3-4 days. (c) 250 g of dried flowers is ground for 8-10 min and then boiled in L of water for 15-20 min 150 g of sugar is also added. When 3 cups (750 mL) of water remains, it is...


Oral Health GERD has been shown to affect overall oral health. One study showed that children with GERD have increased dental erosion, salivary yeast, and salivary Mutans streptococci compared with healthy children.32 In addition, research indicates that children with GERD have more dental caries and more severe erosion compared with healthy children.33


Soy saponins are triterpenoid compounds with one or two polysaccharide side chains. They constitute about 0.5 of soybean seeds. However, the concentration of saponins in the seed is influenced by the environmental conditions in which the plant has been raised (MacDonald et al., 2005) and the processing of soy products (Anderson and Wolf, 1995 Chauhan and Chau-han, 2008). Based upon their aglycone core, saponins have been divided into (i) group A, the acetylated saponins, which impart astringency to soy products and (ii) group B, saponins with an aglycone structure conjugated to DDMP (2,3-dihydro-2,5 dihydro-6-methyl 4H-pyran-4-one). Group A sapo-nins are concentrated in seed germs, while those from group B are uniformly distributed in the embryo and cotyledons (Berhow et al., 2006). It is the latter group of soy saponins (group B) that has been implicated in providing several health benefits. Group B saponins exert a hypocholesterolemic effect due to their soap-like properties, which...

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