Days Of Desiccation

Figure 4.9. Diurnal patterns of CO2 exchange by juvenile and adult Tillandsia dep-peana denied irrigation. Irradiance 650 900 |imol m~2 s-1, 25/18 °C day/night leaf temperature, 50 60/70% relative humidity day/night (after Adams and Martin 1986a).

of water relations. Trichomes born by Vriesea geniculata during its rst several years of life cover about 80% of the leaf surface, but later that value falls below 5% (Reinert and Meirelles 1993; Table 4.7).

Shield morphology, speci cally its width, accounts for part of the difference in cover value as greater numbers of cell divisions produce the

Table 4.6. Morphological and physiological characteristics of the central portion of the leaf blade of Guzmania monostachia under three light regimes in situ

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