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This product is created by Joe LoGalbo who is an American Trainer and professional athletee trainer. Over the time, Joe had been training hundreds of clients per year and got them some incredible results using Anabolic Running. His product consists of four main components including-Anabolic Running Main Product, Stock and Awe strength, Testosterone Hacker Handbook and Indoor Anabolic Running.The main program is the main thing you need in this program. However, there are some bonuses such as Shock and Awe Strength which is a 6-minute exercise sequence which is equally important. You can do this at home any time in order to build strength and dense muscles. The other great thing about the workouts in this program is that they are short and simple to practice. This product is mainly for men who want to save their marriages by increasing testosterone and growth hormones. It is also for those that wants to strip away some fat and get some abs. This product is available in many formats. First of all, the main program is available in readable PDF formats while there are some bonuses available in Video formats to clarify on the results and show you how to go about each of the steps. Read more...

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Juicing for your manhood Cure Ed

The creator of this highly helpful program is Olivier Langlois. This man used to be a relatively fat person who had no energy and thought that he is losing a lot in terms of conjugal rights. Olivier realized that he had the Limp Libido Syndrome because of the increase in his testosterone levels in the body. This syndrome was the standing point because he wanted to research and come up with a lasting solution to this problem. The author realized that erectile dysfunctions contributed heavily on the percentage of breakups in marriages. This condition interferes heavily with every aspect of man's life starting from his personal relations to his social life. The man may be living in fear especially if they know their partners are likely to cheat. If the partner starts to cheat, this may cause mental unrest and at the same time stress that would affect people from all aspects of life. With the program, you should fully forget about testosterone injection and other types of medications. The program utilizes natural methods in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This program is available in PDF formats to make it easy for you to download and print. This will be possible after purchase. Read more...

Juicing for your manhood Cure Ed Summary

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Juicing for Your Manhood

Juicing for Your Manhood is a program that employs natural methods in fighting erectile dysfunction that comes about as a result of low testosterone levels. It puts focus in rejuvenating this hormone within the bodies of the affected individuals, transforming them back to the persons they used to be before. It is a creation of Olivier Langlois, a guy who used to be overweight with no energy to satisfy his partners. He was diagnosed with Limp Libido Syndrome due to the reduced level of testosterone hormone within his body. It is this condition that motivated him to carry out extensive research on how he could bring to an end this problem. The ingredients are scientifically and therapeutically verified. Isn't this the most important aspect of a program you may wish to undertake? Definitely yes! The program was designed following a wide-ranging study that is scientifically based. Unlike many programs based on theories, the techniques employed in this guide and been tested and verified practically. The program has no side effects. The techniques used in the guide to upsurge libido are safe, unlike prescriptions. As pointed out at the onset, the program uses natural methods. If you need to regain your manhood, this is a perfect product for you. Read more...

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31 Day Testosterone Plan

Sick And Tired Of Low Testosterone? This Breakthrough Shortcut Technique Can Help You Unlock Floods Of Natural Free Testosterone In Just 1 Month No Matter What Your Age Or Condition Inside youll learn: The Reason Why Your T Levels are 40% Lower Than Your Grandfathers. The 3 Main Causes of Low-Testosterone (the last one will blow you away). A Unique Liver Flush Technique You Can Use to Remove Excess Estrogen From Your Body. -How Naturally To Increase dopamine, (The libido, pleasure and desire neurotransmitter). -The Man Killing Enzyme That Converts Your Testosterone Into Estrogen and How You Can Get Rid of It, Fast. This is just a Little taste of what youll find inside this e-course. Youll discover super-foods that send your T levels shooting upwards as well as some clear, frank advice on how to steer away from harmful foods that can cause testicular atrophy, man boobs and bedroom performance problems. Read more...

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Botanical Medicines And Fertility

Shakuyaku-Kanzo-To, a Chinese botanical combination of extracts from Paeonae radix and Glycyrrhizae radix, has been used to lower elevated testosterone levels in a number of settings.32 When this preparation was given to subjects at a dose of 5-10 mg per day for two to eight weeks, women with elevated circulating levels of androgens had significant lowering of testosterone. Six of the seven subjects in this study began ovulating regularly, and two of them were able to conceive.33 Zhibai Dihuang, another Chinese formula (comprised of the herbs Anemarrhena, Phellondendron, and Rhemanniaand given in pill form), has shown promise for helping couples with antisperm and or anti-zona pellucida antibodies. Infertile couples were treated with this formula following treatment antibody conversion to negative was at 81.3 of the infertile couple subjects in the study.34 Moreover, in the one to nine months following the study, all eight previously immunologically infertile couples were able to...

Coffee And Sexual Activity

A healthy sexual response is achieved when proper neurologic, cardiovascular, hormonal, and mental health is maintained. Common hormonal denominators for both men and women relative to sexual desire and response are total- and free-testosterone levels. It has been reported that total testosterone is positively associated with coffee consumption in men 71 and that drinking at least one cup of coffee per day increases sexual activity in elderly women and higher potency has also been reported in elderly men.

Nutraceuticallaboratory Test Interactions

Blood glucose may lower serum glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes by reducing insulin resistance and enhanced glucose utilization Glycosylated hemoglobin may decrease T-helper T-suppressor ratio improves ratio of T-helper cells relative to T-suppressor cells HDL lowers HDL levels Estrone, estradiol, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone elevates estrone, free testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and estradiol levels Nandrolone urine tests positive for nandrolone marker because of contamination with 19-norandrostenedione Testosterone free and total testosterone levels may become elevated initially but may then normalize WBC counts WBC counts may be elevated Testosterone Free and total testosterone levels can become elevated, particularly in the first two months of use, although testosterone levels may begin to normalize over the course of time for many patients. This effect is the result of the precursor nature of androstenedione for testosterone production.6

Androgens And Breast Cancer

Testing actively for levels of each of these specific hormones and metabolites provides the opportunity to correlate clinical presentations better and perform more focused interventions to modify hormonal dysregulation. Elevated androstenedione can arise from either ovarian or adrenal sources or from peripheral conversion of DHEA. However, increased testosterone levels are more likely to be a result of increased ovarian secretion of androstenedione and or DHEA or peripheral conversion. Once again, seeking the source and addressing the global impact of such hormonal fluctuations is of paramount clinical significance. When hydroxyand-rostenedione (11b OHA) is elevated and the androstenedione 11b OHA ratio is depressed, the adrenal glands are the primary source of the elevated androstenedione. If the androstenedione 11b OHA ratio is elevated, the primary source of the problem is ovarian in nature. These ratios, again, illustrate that a comprehensive examination of hormonal balance and...

Additional Medicinal Mushrooms

Tremella (Tremella fuciformis, Tremella mesenterica, Tremella aurantia). Tremella species have shown hypoglycemic and immune-modulating activity. Oral supplementation with a polysaccharide extract from T. aurantia showed significantly lowered levels of insulin, total-cholesterol, triglyceride, and lipoperoxide levels in genetically non-insulin-dependent diabetic mice.61 Oral supplementation with T. aurantia has also been shown to suppress plasma testosterone levels in normal rats.62 Additionally, constituents isolated from T. fuciformis have been shown to induce human monocytes to produce interleukin-1 (IL-1), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in vitro.63

The Biochemistry Of Andropause

A factor in andropause 25 of the estradiol (the most biologically active form of estrogen) produced in the male is derived from the testicles while the remaining 75 is produced mainly in adipose tissue, the brain, and the liver. Nearly 98 of testosterone circulates bound to plasma proteins (and is thereby unavailable ) whereas the remaining 2 , known as free testosterone, accounts for nearly all of the biologic activity of the hormone. Of the bound testosterone, 40 is tightly bound to SHBG while the remainder is relatively weakly bound to albumin and is therefore more readily available. The term bioavailable refers to both the free testosterone and that which is bound to albumin.7 The amount of testosterone that binds with SHBG increases with aging thereby decreasing the amount of free testosterone.8 As testosterone levels fall, this stimulates increased production of SHBG by the liver the estrogens in a man's body will also increase SHBG. Increased levels of SHBG-bound testosterone...

Amino Acids Arginine and Carnitine

To determine its effects on male sexual function in relation to serum testosterone levels.45 After eight weeks in a study, maca-treated subjects reported improvements in sexual desire while it was determined that serum testosterone and E2 levels were unaffected (compared to a placebo group). In addition, the researchers determined that the effects of maca were not the result of any effect on depression levels, which can influence sexual desire negatively. Another study was conducted to determine the effects of maca on seminal parameters in healthy men.46 After giving the men 1,500 or 3,000 mg of maca per day for four months, researchers determined that this treatment caused an increase in seminal volume, sperm counts, motile sperm numbers, and sperm motility. The researchers noted no changes in hormone levels in this study as well. Serum LH, FSH, prolactin, testosterone, and E2 were measured before and after treatment. This herb has shown definitive effects on male sexual function, as...


Declining testosterone has multifaceted origins and levels of the hormone can be augmented in numerous ways. Perhaps the most neglected medicine of all, exercise can improve an aging man's testosterone levels (in addition to offsetting andropause-related bone loss, weight gain, muscle loss, and sleep and mood disturbances). Moderate physical activity was shown to increase serum testosterone levels by 39 , SHBG by 19 , free testosterone by 23 , and total serum proteins by 13 , mainly during a period of exercise in one study.26 The transient elevation of testosterone observed in this study was thought to be partly the result of increased SHBG concentration. Testosterone levels returned to baseline in the subjects after the exercise, indicating that hemoconcentration may have contributed partially to the subjects' increased testosterone levels. However, a separate study sought to challenge the observation that perhaps this testosterone elevation was only related to increases in SHBG...

Hormone Balancing

Research suggests that hormones influence the duration and severity of autoimmunity affecting the CNS. One study found abnormally low levels of testosterone in human males with MS, and animal models of MS have shown low levels of testosterone and increased levels of luteinizing hormone,54 as well as an inverse relationship between testosterone levels and levels of inflammatory mediators.54 Another study showed improvement in cognitive performance, a slowing of brain atrophy, and increased lean body mass upon supplementation with a gel containing 100 mg of testosterone given daily to men with relapsing-remitting MS for a 12-month period.55 However, the supplementation had no significant effect on the numbers or volumes of sclerotic lesions.55 Levels of the androgen dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) have also been found to be significantly lower in MS patients than in healthy individuals.56


Metformin hydrochloride is commonly prescribed to treat insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. This drug reduces fasting glucose levels and improves oral glucose tolerance in patients with type 2 diabetes, possibly by reducing glucose output from the liver. Studies performed on women with PCOS showed that metformin not only improved glucose tolerance but also reduced total testosterone and free testosterone, and increased the levels of SHBG.39 However, conflicting results in similar studies demonstrated that weight and obesity also play roles in the effectiveness of metformin, showing decreased effectiveness with increasing weight.40 A study on women with PCOS and oligo-ovulation showed that treatment with metformin caused 23 of the patients to ovulate.41 When metformin was combined with clomiphene citrate, the ovulation rate jumped to nearly 90 compared to 12 of women who took a placebo.42 Continuing metformin while pregnant has also been shown to decrease the rate of...

Growth Hormone

Chrysin is a flavonoid found in many plants, such as passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) and geranium (Pelargonium crispum) as well as in honey and propolis. Researchers and athletes are interested in this flavonoid because of its potential for increasing testosterone by decreasing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Several animal studies have shown that chrysin is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme aromatase.66 Aromatase converts androstenedione and testosterone to estrogen. However, human studies have not shown an increase in testosterone levels with chrysin supplementation, possibly due to its poor absorption. Studies on aging animals have also shown that chrysin supplementation increased libido, sperm count, and fertilization potential.67

Aromatase Inhibitors

Perhaps the most powerful of the naturally derived aromatase inhibitors in vitro, chrysin is thought to be one of the most potent inhibitors of human estrogen aromatase. Chrysin belongs to the flavone class of flavonoids and is derived from several plant species, the primary of which is Passiflora coerulea. Other sources include geranium species, such as lemon geranium (Pelargonium crispum), honey and bee propolis, and the Pinaceae species, which include pine trees. The ability of chrysin to inhibit aromatization of androstenedione and testosterone has been demonstrated in vitro however, in vivo studies are necessary. Other investigators have noted a phytoestrogenic effect29 (binds weakly to alpha and beta estrogen receptors), and antioxidant30 (inhibits xanthine oxidase and the consequent formation of uric acid and related reactive oxygen species) and anxiolytic31 actions (binds to the benzodiazepine receptor'' portion of gamma-aminobutyric acid a receptors. Much of the research on...


Testosterone is an anabolic steroid synthesized in the testes. Anabolic hormones increase muscle mass, protein synthesis, and retention of nitrogen. It is estimated that 4 -12 of adolescent males abuse steroids to improve athletic performance or appearance.48 Studies on men with low testosterone showed that testosterone supplementation combined with resistance training produced a significant increase in lean-body mass and strength compared to resistance training or testosterone alone.49 Additional studies have shown that testosterone supplementation increases strength, lean-muscle mass, and bone density as well as reducing fat mass.50 One study showed that muscle strength and power increased in a dose-dependent manner with increasing testosterone dosage. This study also demonstrated that testosterone supplementation does not improve muscle fatigability or specific tension.51 Restoring testosterone levels can improve athletic performance but should be considered only for individuals...

Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors, such as alcohol consumption and tobacco and marijuana smoking, are well-known causes of decreased sperm counts. In drinkers, alcohol has been shown to decrease sperm count, produce morphologic abnormalities, decrease sperm motility, and increase serum luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and sex-hormone-binding globulin levels. Patients who abused alcohol were found to be in a state of primary hypogonadism as a result of lifetime alcohol consumption.7 Sperm count and motility were found to be lower in smokers compared to nonsmokers, and smokers had a higher incidence of oligospermia, higher levels of endogenous 17-beta-E2, and sperm counts below normal compared to nonsmokers.8 Marijuana smoking has contributed to male infertility.9 Other lifestyle factors, such as type of underwear worn by a man, appear to have an effect on fertility. Brief-style underwear holds the testes closely to the body and thus induces temperature elevations in the...

Clinical Assessment

A detailed history, physical examination, and laboratory testing are necessary to rule out confounding factors and diagnose andropause correctly. Pertinent history questions should focus on the difference between loss of libido and impotence that results from erectile dysfunction. Excessive alcohol intake can suppress androgen production. Several factors act as diagnostic confounders. Chronic illness and stress (physical and mental) can lead to a decline in testosterone levels. Pharmaceuticals, such as spironolactone, digoxin, and cimetidine, also may produce this effect. Conditions, such as insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes, are associated with hypogonadism10,14,15 while anemia and hypothyroidism can produce fatigue and decreased libido. Other, rarer conditions, such as Kallman's syndrome, Klinefelter's syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome, that result in hypogonadism should also be ruled out.

The Aging Process

Aging is undeniably related to lowered androgen levels. Compared to female menopause in which hormone levels are attenuated in a much narrower period of time over 5-10 years, andropause is marked by a more gradual decline of androgens. Because of the gradual nature of the decline, other phrases, such as androgen decline in aging males'' (ADAM) or alternative partial androgen decline in aging males'' are used because the decline does not result in complete deficiency. When androgen levels are low enough to become symptomatic, this condition is then called andropause,9 which is technically defined as the natural cessation of the sexual function in older men. The decline of testosterone in males that occurs with aging is associated with an increase in FSH and LH, albeit to a much lesser extent than seen in women. A low testosterone level with a transient rise in LH is suggestive of age-related impairment of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH).10 Because testosterone has only a...

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