The increasing world population makes high yield crop production a necessity in future agriculture. One important factor that will affect agriculture worldwide and that prominent climate scientists have been warning of is the dangerous effects of the continual emission of greenhouse gases into Earth's atmosphere. Atmospheric CO2 concentration, average temperature, and tropospheric ozone concentration will be higher in the near future. Droughts will be more frequent and severe, more intense precipitation events will lead to increased flooding, some soils will degrade, and climatic extremes will be more likely to occur. Existing abiotic stresses such as salinity will be exacerbated. All these changes will produce an environmental stress for plants and will have many important implications for plant physiology and crop yield. Among the processes that will be altered, K+ nutrition deserves special attention. K+ is an essential macronutrient that is absorbed from the soil solution by the roots. Environmental stress may reduce K+ availability and at the same time may produce physiological alterations that impair K+ acquisition. The development of plant varieties with increased capacity to absorb K+ may contribute to reducing the negative effects of the abiotic stress conditions derived from climate change. Characterizing the systems involved in the process of K+ absorption and how they are regulated and the effect that abiotic stresses will have on their functioning will help to obtain the required new plant varieties (Fedoroff et al. 2010).

Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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