chilling injury freezing injury

• Occurs when the external temperature drops below the fr eezmg point ofwater

•Some species that arenot resistant to chill may be killed by the fir touch of frost.

* Occurs in the t emp ei a till e r n nge of approximately 20 toO"C

♦The resultant injures may include a Viridy ofphy Biological disruptions in germination, flower and fruit development, and storage life.

* Minor chilling stress a t non-lethal temperatures is normally reversible. In frost-sensitive plants, those changes are often irreversible

Fig. 5.5 Two types of injuries a plant can sustain through exposure to low temperatures (adapted from Stushnoff et al. 1984)


• Sustain severe injury and are unable to survive at temperatures higher than the water freezing point (5"C, 1CTC and even 15°C).

■Algae inhabiting warm oceans, selected fungi, the inaj ority of lier ba ceous p lants and selected woody vascular plants in ahot climate

* Are further sub divided into two groups a) plants in which all organs are sensitive to chilling, b) plants in which only selected organs a re injured by chilling (e.g. flower priniordia and fruit).

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