Starch synthesis in maize

David Pan

Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. 53706. U.S.A

As a result of the advance of research technology, the understanding of starch biosynthesis in endosperm has greatly increased in the last decade, but the knowledge is still incomplete. Advances and areas of uncertainty are discussed on the maize mutants associated with the synthesis of starch in endosperms that have been useful in elucidating the process. Overall, the emphasis will be on mutant genes that promise additional insights for the role of mutants known to affect starch synthesis and for those mutations in genes encoding enzymes that have important roles in the process. The goal is specifically a complete understanding of starch synthesis in maize. This understanding will also facilitate the design of transgenic plants that might produce unique starches and an increase in production with promise as raw materials for human need.

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